Putting some sounds in

Time for some more progress: The ICE…

The amps and Soundstream crossovers:

One plain, boring, underbonnet space:

Mock-up on new base:

Trimmed out in leather-look vinyl:

Final Mounting and wiring:

Soundstream ‘XStream’ components:

Boring, Empty footwell space:

Some fibreglass footwell speaker panels came with the car, thought I’d put them to some use:

Cerwin Vega 15″ DVC Sub:

Boring, empty rear ‘luggage’ space:

Building the MDF sub box:

And the end result:

Amps / Crossovers:


Tweeters mounted in the windscreen frame:
(Sorry about the terrible pic, as with most jobs on the car, this one was called off by the rain!)

And the Sub:

Nice and discrete, no head unit, music is simply fed to the amps through a 3.5mm stereo jack lead, which can be plugged into an ipod, laptop, or anything with a headphone socket!

(extracted from my www.volkszone.com “Readers’ Rides” thread)


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