Heineken Robot

Heineken Robot is an autonomous robotic bartender developed by ASL. The robot was developed from a ‘fun’ installation created for Kinetica Art Fair 2010. The project brief was to build, to a tight budget, a robot that could serve a cup of beer from an off-the-shelf mini beer keg. Customers at the bar signal the robot to stop by waving their hand, at which point it turns and waits for a glass to be placed in the holder. Once a glass is detected a mechanism tilts it and the robot pours a measured amount of beer into the glass.

My involvement in this project was mainly in the programming of the glass-tilting and pouring cycles, which are controlled by a PICAXE microcontroller. I also had input into the design of the glass holder and tilting mechanism, as well as early iterations of the drive platform.

The robot was spotted at Kinetica by Engadget and made appearances at several science fairs and conferences, including Google Zeitgeist Europe 2010 and the NEXT Future Exhibition (NEXT-fremtidsudstillingen) in Denmark.


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