Summer fiddling

Not had chance to do as much over summer as I’d planned, but done a few bits.

First up, I got hold of some brand new leather seats from a Ford Focus, for absolutely nothing! So they’re in the middle of being installed:

While I was fitting the driver’s seat, I found some massive holes in the floor, so both floor pans are gonna need replacing before the MOT in November!

Having a girlfriend who’s into Roller Derby has it’s benefits! Free roller pedal!

Got to do something about the rest of the footwell area though!

Getting sick of people telling me my boot’s open, so decided it was about time I installed some more permanent air intakes:

Just need to lose the standoffs now!

AND, started putting together the EFI kit I got from Mabbo earlier on in the year!

Guess the paint job’ll have to wait til next spring now, as I can’t see the weather staying good enough for the rest of the year, but I have plenty to be playing with!

(extracted from my “Readers’ Rides” thread)


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