EFI Progress

I bought the Megasquirt EFI kit second hand, which included the throttle body, manifold, fuel rails, fuel pressure regulator, megasquirt ecu, coil pack, wiring loom and scat crank pulley with timing teeth. Fitment seems pretty straight forward, but it’s taking longer than planned because I’m running out of money and waiting for the student loans company to do something about it! I’m also half out of action now, as I’ve damaged a tendon in my left hand and have that in plaster for 3 weeks!

Some more pics, installing the crank pulley and VR sensor, and the air intake:

Mounting the VR sensor…

The trouble with mounting brand new parts along side used kit is it makes the used stuff look SO much more worn!

You can see the coil pack and toothed crank pulley in this pic

Took a bit of time to get the 70mm air intake out to somewhere suitable for the filter, but finally managed to do it without getting in the way of the decklid.

I’ve also mounted the relay board to the other side of the firewall, more or less where the coil pack is, and the fuel regulator is on the sloped bit behind the fan housing. All there is to do now is run the new fuel lines from and back to the tank, mount the new fuel pump and filter, and plumbing and wiring before I can hook it up to my laptop and see what’s what!

(extracted from my www.volkszone.com “Readers’ Rides” thread)


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