IAT Sensor fitment

OK my last update before I go back to Uni and get swamped with coursework!

Wanted to finish the intake job today, and mounted the intake air temp sensor. I picked a position nice and close to the throttle body, the way I see it, you want to be measuring the temperature of the air as it enters the TB, as this could be different to the temp of the air entering the filter. So I decided to put it here:

Because this is a naturally aspirated engine, the intake is not under pressure, so I decided to use a tight fitting rubber wiring grommet to hold the sensor in place.

The scary bit was drilling the hole… these aluminium pipes aren’t cheap, and I only had a spade bit that was big enough! So I grit my teath, drilled a pilot hole, and went at it with the spade bit. The hole was a little messy, and I had to round it off with a file, but the grommet fit nice and snug.

I then pushed (well, screwed because the grommet was so tight) the sensor in, and refitted the pipe.

…and plugged the harness in

Just need to get some jubilee clips for the TB end now, as I don’t think the plastic cable ties will hold it on too well on the road!

God damn this car’s getting photogenic!!

(extracted from my www.volkszone.com “Readers’ Rides” thread)


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