Easter progress

Done lots over Easter, really pleased with the progress!

First up, I’ve run the new fuel lines and mounted the pump and filter, so all the plumbing is now done (also got the hammerite out and plastered everything I could see under the fuel tank area):

Also extended and re-routed the throttle cable up and over the fan housing, as the throttle body sits bang in front of the stock cable hole:

AND, I sorted the decklid fittings to hold the lid flush, so that’s self-supporting once again:

Other small details, I’ve tapped the crank pulley so the 36-1 wheel bolts directly to it instead of using through bolts. I found a genuine alternator pulley and painted and fitted that instead of the Taiwanese chrome crap one that never held the belt tight enough.

Also strapped the intake on properly and added another support riveted to the fan housing to stop it shaking loose.

And fitted the over exhaust tin after modifying it to fit around the VR sensor.

Sure there’s other bits I’ve forgotten about, but that’s all I can think of for now…

(extracted from my www.volkszone.com “Readers’ Rides” thread)


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