ConstructAR was the outcome of my BSc Engineering Product Design proposition module. My research indicated that many of the defects that become apparent on buildings early on in their lives are caused by mistakes that are hidden by finishes and other construction before the building is inspected. ConstructAR uses a combination of augmented reality and real-time 3D projection mapping to display construction information on the interior surfaces of a building shell in order to provide the opportunity for architects, engineers and tradesmen to perform side-by-side comparisons between the design model and the ‘as built’ article.

Concept Graphics

Information flow

Proof of Concept

The project involved the development of a proof of concept. Due to the limited time and budget available, this was limited to the following functionality:

  • Using a 6-degree-of-freedom accelerometer/magnetometer to estimate projector orientation
  • Using projector orientation to locate and orient a virtual camera within a Matlab Virtual World
  • Projecting the view of the virtual camera in order to map the details of the virtual world onto real-world surfaces (see video below)

Future development

I also considered future development of the system, this included:

  • Integration with CAD and / or ‘Building Information Management’ (BIM) systems
  • Optical localisation using ‘Kinect’ type sensors or stereoscopic vision and / or Inertial Measurement Units (IMU)
  • Miniaturisation using laser / pico-projector technology

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