Flintstones, meet the Flintstones…

The drivers’ side floor has been looking worse and worse lately, so I thought it was time to start to tackle it and cut out some rusty metal, before it spreads even further. I have a donor floor which I’ll cut and have welded in when I get around to it.

After stripping removing the pedal assembly, I had a ‘probe’ around (read: “poked it with a screwdriver”) to ascertain the extent of the damage:


As the car has custom seat frames fitted, there is a reinforcement plate welded to the underneath of the floor just level with the front of the stock seat runners. This seemed like a sensible place to cut to. Which I did:

The right-hand stock seat runner was also rotted, so this came out:

Cleaned up, ready for the donor floor to be grafted in..

The offending metal:

Although it could be a while until the new floor gets fitted, at least this will help stop the rust from spreading to other parts of the chassis.


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