Motor controllers

Today I took delivery of two 5A bi-directional motor controllers with J1939 CAN-bus interface courtesy of our new Eurobot team sponsors, Axiomatic, of Mississauga, Canada.

I’m very impressed by the customer service from these people, I feel they’ve really gone out of their way to answer my questions and make sure their product is fit for my intended use. The AX100600 controllers look very well made (using weight as a sign of quality!) and the ‘Electronic Assistant’ software looks very comprehensive and useful. POC videos will follow when we’ve sourced the correct connectors and got something moving (The impatient side of me was considering soldering wires directly to the pins for now, but seeing the quality of these units, this would be sacrilegious!). The beauty of CAN is that they can be easily tested and calibrated on the bench, before connecting up the robot’s main controller (more on this soon, too!).


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