A word about our sponsors…

Competition robots are not cheap to build, so R.Me.R.T have gathered sponsorship from several companies. As the Eurobot UK 2012  competition approaches, I thought it was only polite to mention the companies who have supported the team with the project.

Our main financial sponsor are electric commercial vehicle manufacturers, Smith Electric Vehicles:

“Smith Electric Vehicles manufacture and market zero-emission commercial electric vehicles that are designed to be a superior-performing alternative to traditional diesel trucks due to higher efficiency and lower total cost of ownership.

“Our purpose is to provide the visionary leadership to completely and permanently alter the vehicle electrification supply chain.

“Our vehicle designs leverage more than 80 years of experience in selling and servicing electric vehicles in the United Kingdom.”
The TTE-32 ‘Soft’ processor that we will be running as the main processor for the robot has been kindly donated by TTE Systems LTD, along with their fantastic RapidiTTy software development tool:

“We help our customers to create reliable embedded systems based on time-triggered technology.

“We develop and sell high-integrity processors, both ‘off the shelf’ & custom software development tools and advanced safety protection mechanisms (‘shutdown systems’). We also offer a range of training, consultancy and custom design services.

“Application sectors for our products and services include aerospace, medical, industrial, automotive, marine, defence, satellite systems as well as high-end consumer goods.”

Last but not least, is Axiomatic OY, who have kindly donated the two AX100600 CAN-controlled motor controllers:

“Axiomatic provides electronic machine controls, components, and systems to the off-highway, military, power generation, material handling, industrial and alternate energy OEM markets.

“We provide efficient, innovative solutions that focus on adding value for our customers. An emphasis on service and partnership with our customers, suppliers, and employees builds long term relationships and mutual trust.”


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