Cloud Robotics Hackathon: Day 2

Today, in short, I made the robot work as a roamer. I’ve been chasing bugs all day, but finally got it working (almost) exactly how I want it. The video below shows how it was this afternoon, I’ve since tweaked some parameters and ironed out some bugs in the CAN transmission side of things so it now doesn’t get confused when it enters a wide open space with all the sensors reading maximum range.

I also moved the infra red sensors closer to the edges of the robot, as the range of these particular ones is quite short (6 – 30 cm).

(‘commentary’ by none other than @pandora_monium!)

The code for everything I write on the robot will be on github:

I’ll try and keep commits up to date so my progress is clear… any questions about how the code works, please ask.

@tobypinder, my teammate has been working hard on the web front end that will host the live map of the robot’s surroundings, along with graphs using the myrobots API. This is how it was looking when I last heard from him:

Can’t wait to see this working!

Next I will be preparing the telemetry device to capture the CAN messages from the robot and publish them to a RabbitMQ queue. More on this tomorrow.


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