Cloud Robotics Hackathon 2013: Video, Results and Thanks

So the results of the hackathon were released yesterday, and I must say, we’re very happy with how things turned out. We were placed 4th against some very tough competition, and were given an honourable mention by the organisers:

Before naming the three winners, we would like to give a give a honourable mention toteam Telemetron. They created an outstanding robotic behaviour and actively participated and documented their project throughout the week. They were also very active on Twitter. As a result they submitted by far the best documentation. – Cloud Robotics Hackathon 2013

The last couple of weeks have been a rollercoaster. We (Team Telemetron) gave ourselves a fascinating challenge, and made some fascinating achievements.

Here’s the video we submitted for the competition

I’d like to personally thank:

The Cloud Robotics Hackathon people for organising the event and giving me an excuse to break out the robot and get my annual robotics fix!

  • Toby Pinder (@tobypinder) for his amazing contribution, building the web front-end from scratch and making the video in such a short timeframe
  • Ross Cooney (@spoutingshite) for supporting the project (and for helping finance the original Eurobot entry). Also for making the necessary changes to the Smith Link server to allow our robot to talk through it.
  • Peter Tang for helping write the embedded software for the original Eurobot entry
  • Michael Peacock (@michaelpeacock) for donating the Arduino and writing the original code for Eurobot
    • These two are particularly important as they gave me a fantastic starting point for the necessary code modifications required for this project.
  • Michael Pont of Leicester University for teaching me everything I know about Time Triggered embedded systems

So that’s it, hopefully I’ll be able to get involved in more of these competitions / events, as I found this one a great way to focus attention on a short-term project goal (my next one is my Master’s Thesis!)


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