Braunprize 2009

An entry into the BraunPrize 2009 International Design Competition, “Enutrio” (from the Latin word for “nurture”) is the soft, friendly kitchen appliance that everyone wants to keep happy. Recognising routines in people’s lifestyles, the kettle reacts to how and when it is being used. Enutrio has an ambient glow that changes colour depending on its ‘mood’. Using all of the water that has been boiled, being economical with time and energy, makes Enutrio happy, glowing a soft yellow or white. Boiling more water than is used, however, makes it sad or in extreme cases, angry. It will begin to glow red, with increasing intensity, eventually lighting up the room. When someone approaches Enutrio close to teatime, it begins to throb orange in a manner resembling the pattern of a human heartbeat. The closer it gets to teatime, the faster this ‘heartbeat’ becomes, enticing potential users to engage in making their favourite hot drink. Continue reading