Hexapod on a Budget – Part 3: Movement Algorithm Prototyping with Pololu Maestro Control Center


In part 2, I talked about the electronics layout for the hexapod. Now it’s time to make it move.

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Hexapod on a Budget – Part 2: Electrics


In part 1, I talked about the construction of the Dagu 12-servo hexapod chassis. Now it’s time to add some electronics.

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Hexapod on a Budget – Part 1: The Chassis


Back in January, I wanted to kick off a new robotics project, and began looking at multipedal robot kits. I’ve found walking robots fascinating for a while now, and have been closely following the work of companies like Boston Dynamics in their search to mimic natural movement through machines. Continue reading

Heineken Robot

Heineken Robot is an autonomous robotic bartender developed by ASL. The robot was developed from a ‘fun’ installation created for Kinetica Art Fair 2010. The project brief was to build, to a tight budget, a robot that could serve a cup of beer from an off-the-shelf mini beer keg. Continue reading

Random ‘Art’ Robot

The results of a 1-(long)-day project with ASL colleague Darren Lewis to build a robot to produce random works of ‘art’.Whether the work of a machine can truly be classed as art is still debatable, but the task of writing a computer program to generate pseudo-random movements was not without it’s challenges. Continue reading

Reconfigurable beginners’ robotics kit

An assignment to help develop a reconfigurable robotics kit for Mindsets, a local company who specialise in science and technology products for educational and hobby purposes. Continue reading