Eurobot 2010: Feed the World

Following the mixed success from the previous year, Darren Lewis and I returned to Eurobot in 2010. This time the competition was to collect various objects from the table;

Tomatoes – lightweight juggling balls positioned at known points on the table

Corn – plastic rods located in holes on the table, also at known positions, but with unmovable black corn placed in random positions within the pattern.

Oranges – heavyweight juggling balls positioned on ‘trees’ at the top of a ramp at the back of the table.

Once the items were collected, they were to be taken to the corner diagonally opposite the starting zone and deposited in the bin. The team with the greatest weight of items at the end won. Continue reading


Eurobot 2009: Temples of Atlantis

My first entry into the international robotics competition, Eurobot, was with Darren Lewis, as part of the mechatronics module in the 2nd year of my degree. In 2009, the challenge was to autonomously collect small pucks from the table and transport them to construction areas to build towers. The higher the tower, the more points were gained. Continue reading