Cloud Robotics Hackathon 2013: Video, Results and Thanks

So the results of the hackathon were released yesterday, and I must say, we’re very happy with how things turned out. We were placed 4th against some very tough competition, and were given an honourable mention by the organisers:

Before naming the three winners, we would like to give a give a honourable mention toteam Telemetron. They created an outstanding robotic behaviour and actively participated and documented their project throughout the week. They were also very active on Twitter. As a result they submitted by far the best documentation. – Cloud Robotics Hackathon 2013 Continue reading


Cloud Robotics Hackathon 2013: Done!

So today is the day of the deadline and everything has actually come together quite nicely.

@tobypinder and I have been working on this separately since friday, using only the Internet to communicate (in the spirit of the Hackathon and all that). He did a great job with the web front end allowing us to carry out a test run with the robot transmitting live data this afternoon. There were a few hiccups with turn angles and things, but once they were ironed out, the results relatively good! Continue reading

Cloud Robotics Hackathon: Day 1

SO this year it seemed fate wouldn’t allow me to get my usual annual robotics fix through Eurobot; I’m at uni the week of the UK competition studying for my masters.

Instead, myself and a couple of colleagues have decided to put a few days work into the Cloud Robotics Hackathon. The theme this year surrounds remote robot monitoring, which, given our involvement in a telematics project at work, suits us down to the ground.

Team: Telemetrons

Project: Remote Simultaneous Localis(z)ation and Mapping (SLAM) using cloud services

The plan is to convert the robot we entered into Eurobot last year to transmit data to the ‘cloud’ web service, It will roam around a room, scanning its path with infrared sensors, and transmit these readings along with encoder readings. This information will then be used to construct a map of the robot’s environment. Myrobots will be used to display robot status information, and alerts about changes in the environment. Continue reading

Eurobot 2012 Progress

So, a very scary 19 days to go until the competition, and things are starting to get very busy with the project. I don’t want to give too much away on here in terms of tactics and full hardware specs (for obvious reasons) but there are some things that I can report on. Continue reading

MOT fun

Bit of an update, took it for an MOT yesterday, and she failed…

But not on much! Just a tyre, wheel bearing, headlight aim, main beam and side light not working on one side (they did last week… go figure!) a bolt missing out of the passenger seat, and a couple of small bits of welding to the floor in the footwells.

Fixed all of the above today except for the welding, which hopefully the garage will be able to do before the retest.

So next week, or the week after at the latest, she’ll have a full MOT.

(extracted from my “Readers’ Rides” thread)

First tweaks

Been busy this weekend!

Done lots of t-cutting, and now she’s a slightly darker shade of red, but still not perfect.

Also fitted new clear lucas indicators on the back, forming a ! shape with the teardrop brake lights, fitted aerocatch locking bonnet pins on the decklid, so it’s more London-proof!

The horn on there has never worked, so I’ve cleaned up all the earths on the horn switch and fitted a nice shiny chrome klaxon under the bonnet, much to my neighbour’s amusement! Continue reading