Easter progress

Done lots over Easter, really pleased with the progress! Continue reading


More EFI-ing

Been staring at the photos of the new induction pipe all day and decided to alter it a bit. Brought the filter up away from the cylinder head and closer to the throttle body, and it now looks less ‘stuck on’ Continue reading

EFI Progress

I bought the Megasquirt EFI kit second hand, which included the throttle body, manifold, fuel rails, fuel pressure regulator, megasquirt ecu, coil pack, wiring loom and scat crank pulley with timing teeth. Fitment seems pretty straight forward, but it’s taking longer than planned because I’m running out of money and waiting for the student loans company to do something about it! I’m also half out of action now, as I’ve damaged a tendon in my left hand and have that in plaster for 3 weeks Continue reading