Flintstones, meet the Flintstones…

The drivers’ side floor has been looking worse and worse lately, so I thought it was time to start to tackle it and cut out some rusty metal, before it spreads even further. I have a donor floor which I’ll cut and have welded in when I get around to it. Continue reading


Easter progress

Done lots over Easter, really pleased with the progress! Continue reading

Little jobs sorted

Done some more to it last night and today. Wired up the coil pack and mounted it more securely, I’ve also fitted the injector clips that were missing (thanks Fastorq!) and mounted and wired up the fuel pump.

Also sorted the cable between ECU and the relay board.

It now makes more noises  (“click buzzzzzz click”) as the pump tries to prime!

I think I’m getting closer to starting it, but my list of little jobs to do seems to be getting longer the more I cross off!

(extracted from my www.volkszone.com “Readers’ Rides” thread)

Christmas holiday progress

Finally got around to doing a bit more on this! Got most of the EFI wiring done now, all connected up to the Megasquirt Relay board.  Connected up the power and the main relay clicks when I turn the ignition key. First noise the car’s made for about 6 months! Main jobs left to do before it makes proper engine noises again:

Cable between ECU and relay board
O2 and coolant sensors
Coil pack wiring
Blank off old dizzy hole
Fit injector clips
Attach intake pipe properly

(extracted from my www.volkszone.com “Readers’ Rides” thread)

IAT Sensor fitment

OK my last update before I go back to Uni and get swamped with coursework!

Wanted to finish the intake job today, and mounted the intake air temp sensor. I picked a position nice and close to the throttle body, the way I see it, you want to be measuring the temperature of the air as it enters the TB, as this could be different to the temp of the air entering the filter. Continue reading

More EFI-ing

Been staring at the photos of the new induction pipe all day and decided to alter it a bit. Brought the filter up away from the cylinder head and closer to the throttle body, and it now looks less ‘stuck on’ Continue reading